Complete guide to Securitas ePay Login

Securitas is a Stockholm based security company that specializes in offering consulting, monitoring and investigation services. The organization has more the 300000 workers with branches in more than 60 countries across the world. Securitas is a household name when it comes to the provision of security services. They provider security services such as background check and cyber surveillance.

Security ePay login process

Once you go to, the Talx Paperless Payroll Employee portal will be displayed on your screen. The aim of using this payroll portal for employees is to assist business to stop paying their workers through traditional ways and shift to online paying system that is better and more efficient. Currently, many companies have implemented the use of Talx paperless pay system.

Importance of Securitas ePay system

  • Helps you to access your salary details
  • Helps in computing your commission
  • Helps in managing your tax information

Securitas ePay login guide

Login to the Securitas account comprise some steps as explained below.

You need to ensure that the firm that you are working for is registered at security ePay. Visit to see the Securitas ePay login page on your screen. You will come across a “Click here to login” link and click on that link to start the registration process. Input your social security number (SSN) in the text field provided and click the continue button to proceed with the process. Make sure you key in your identification number and pin in the correct text fields. Once you are through with this process, be sure that your payroll account is ready to be used anytime.

Here are some tips on how to access Securitas epay

As an employee, your employer is mandated to process user ID and pin for you. They are the ones to provide the ID and pin. Therefore, if you don’t have a user ID or pin, just talk to your boss, they will organize one for you. When logging into your Securitas epay paperless payroll account, it is advisable to use your home PC. This is because you can always check the Remember Me option on your home computer. Additionally, using shared computers will make your account to be vulnerable to attacks hence raising security issues. For this reason, you need to avoid accessing your account from internet cafes and public libraries. Once you log in, you will find out that some of your personal information is already provided.


With Securitas ePay Login portal, anyone who works for Securitas has an opportunity to see his or her payroll information. This helps the employees to deal with their record for payroll data. Additionally, the payroll portal assists in giving directions to HR business department, payroll and duty divisions. Hundreds of workers use the Talx paperless pay system when checking the information on payment transfers, employee’s details, documentation and more with just a single click.