A Guide to purchasing a Kratom product

Are you a new user? Want to purchase kratom products? Well, before you look over the internet and start browsing for vendors to purchase any kratom product, consult with this special kratom Buying Guide to get well informed. Kratom tends to be one of the most highly used remedies for a cough, depression, anxiety just to mention a few. Everyone needs basic knowledge of product names, types of kratom, how to order and use them. Below is a quick guide when purchasing kratom products. The following terms are considered worldwide.



Most Kratom users tend to consume dried leaves that have actually been ground into a fine powder. As a new user, you need to have basic knowledge when buying kratom powder. It is either mixed with a beverage such as coffee, orange juice , chocolate milk or with food.


Kratom extract is totally different from the regular powder. As a new user, you should know that kratom extract is way more effective and this should be used in a smaller amount. They are derived from plants and herbs and can either be in liquid form or crushed residue. For other Kratom products to be maximized, the extraction method is applied. The leaves are boiled into a resin then ground into powder resulting in an extract powder which is stronger than any ordinary powder.

Enhanced powder.

Extract powder is generally too powerful to consume regularly, therefore, we recommend enhanced powder. Most consumers take extract powder and add them to traditional powder which results to enhanced powder.


When buying kratom resin extract, pay attention to its features. It is a substance that appears smooth according to its texture, rocky, or dark brown. consumers break it off then further crush it into smaller pieces. Another alternative is to melt it in any beverage.


Super products are always considered more effective. It is a harvesting procedure whereby only the largest leaves are selected prior to the smallest leaves because they are rich in alkaloids. when buying kratom product consider purchasing super products.


It is a harvesting procedure leaves and stems are separated. This results in the collection of effective alkaloids in powder form.


Kratom experts refer to this product as “very, very good.” It is in liquid form. The liquid extract is rich in spectrum alkaloids. It is obtained by mixing fresh kratom leaves into a tincture solution. The tincture solution is made of ethanol and alcohol.

Red leaf.

Want to buy a krotum product that will help you relax and bring about positive physical and emotional comfortability? Red vein Thai is the best product to purchase. It will help you stay calm and reduce any stress you might encounter.

White leaf.

They act as stimulants and positive mood enhancer. When you experience long working days or feel exhausted, you can purchase it. It will increase your concentration and further motivate you. It is advisable to use both the red leaf and white leaf to balance one’s energy.

Green leaf.

Green Vein krotum is actually used to brighten anyone up. It is used to treat pain, discomfort, boost your energy and calm the nerves.

The Best Kratom Strains

The marvelous thing about this herb is that it exists in various strains. Firstly, you have to realize that all the types of Kratom are all excellent and powerful, what varies is the ability to work for different actions. This action is the secret about Kratom that you may have missed on.

Here we shall bring you all the strains of Kratom and chronologically place them in order from the dominant type to the least one. This list we provide is a valid survey done on people who use Kratom, and it’s an up to date list. This article is an answer to the most commonly asked question by many. What is the best Kratom from the many strains? The question is fully replied to in this article.

The best painkiller Kratom

Bearing in mind that this is the most significant benefit of Kratom most people desire, and then it is the best way to go in establishing the good Kratom. Bali and Borneo are the two Kratom strains chemically containing the same alkaloids and well known to do marvelously in body pain killing.

This Kratom is followed by Maeng Da and Malaysian in the descending order. However, varying the quantity taken of the other strains here apart from Bali and Borneo will still give you the effects you wanted. So, when you opt for them, then you got to check on the quantity.

Energy Kratom

When we talk about boosting the body energy, then Maeng Da outdo other strains of Kratom. It’s a powerful stimulant and also has the low-end alkaloid to relieve the body of any pain.

These two physiological processes are responsible for the power of Maeng Da in boosting body energy. That is another imperative energy boosting although it got an exception of the low alkaloid end. Malaysian is also among the best energy boosting Kratom although ranked lower to Maeng Da and Thai.


When it comes to attitude, I must say it’s another major reason people go for the other illegal stuff, like bang and cocaine. The right attitude is a very superlative effect you can yield from Kratom.

From science, it’s known that the substances responsible for good mood are opium receptors, agonist alkaloids, and the adrenaline receptor antagonist and agonist receptors that are all harvested from Kratom.  However, Maeng Da still tops the list when it comes to this. It’s the best followed by Bali & White Borneo and Red Indo & Malaysian in chronological order from the best to the least.

It’s good to make an informed purchase. Before landing on the best Kratom for you, it was necessary that you read this article to fall on the best for your preferences and taste. Remember, people can get only advice but nobody can suggest for you! Try out the recommendations here, if you find it’s not working as per your expectations, don’t be adamant to try out another form of Kratom.

Kratom Dosage

Kratom is a great opioid that is used by people for various health reasons. It has been moving for centuries and is continuing to gain history due to its effectiveness. Besides health problems, Kratom is able to enhance your mood by lowering anxiety. It also helps to enhance your productivity. Nevertheless, there are few guidelines when it comes to Kratom. It is very critical to use the right dosage and be aware of how to consume it. If you do not pay attention to the dose and consumption ways, you will not realize any effects.

The right dosage for Kratom

For Kratom to be effective, you must take it in the right dose. The dosage is so sensitive, as a beginner, you are supposed to take about 2 or 3 grams only. Ensure you do not take them in while full. You need to take it in an empty stomach, so you need to take it first in the morning or 3 hours after taking breakfast.

After the first dose, you need to wait for about 40 minutes for it to react and begin feeling the results. In case you feel like you may need more K another 1 to 2 grams. After the second portion, you need to also wait for between 15-30 minutes and see how it will react. After that, you should not consume more Kratom but in case you feel like you really need to add, you should only take another 0.5 to 2 grams.

The amount of Kratom dose you take should be in proportion to your weight. For instance, if you under 68 KG, you need to begin 1.5 grams dose. However, you need to keep in mind that a Lower dose helps you to avoid tolerance.

How to administer Kratom?

There are various ways in which you can take in Kratom powder and therefore you choose your best. The most classic way is putting the powder in your mouth and then take in a water gulp. That is after evaluating the best dosage. Mix the water and the powder in your mouth and swallow. It may be easy if you break the entire powder in more than 1 mouthful. Another way to take in Kratom in by taking Kratom pills. The pills are in form of a capsule. However, the pills are not as effective as the powder. It takes a longer time to feel the effects and you may need to take a large dose. Another method of administering the powder is putting it in your drink or food. In most cases, people put it in the water as they cook tea. You can still add it in yogurt or milkshake. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that it is always better to take Kratom in an empty stomach since it is the most effective way.

What you Need to Know about White Sumatra Kratom

White Vein Sumatra kratom is also known as white indo, and it originates from Indonesia. They grow in Sumatra Island’s North Western region whose climate is favorable for the production of kratom strains. It is a potent variant which gives the body a sense of tranquility. They are available for consumption in the form of dried leaves, powder or capsules.

It is unique and different from the other white variants. It can cause both energizing and sedating effects. This is due to the body’s reaction to varying levels of alkaloids. All the white strains are famously known for stimulation, but white Sumatra can act as a sedative when taken in large quantities.

The effects of white Sumatra

Users often use this variant to improve their focus and concentration. Taking small doses keeps the users alert and energized throughout the day. Taking large doses helps those who want to overcome insomnia. The users feel relaxed and experience a sense of tranquility whether they take small or large doses.

It is common among athletes and people who work for long hours. It is also a sex enhancer. It motivates and enhances creativity in individuals and is often used by writers and artist to boost their intellectual abilities.

It is a relaxant. It relaxes mind and muscles hence acting as a stress reliever. It has a calming effect on those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It serves as a sedative and when taken in large doses.

It can act as a pain reliever. It contains alkaloids useful in short-term pain relief.

High doses of the variant cause drowsiness which results in sleep. Taking the right dose will result in a relaxing sleep without any side effects.


When using White Sumatra being keen on the amount you consume is vital. Different dosages have a different effect on users. Taking up to five grams is enough to boost energy levels and enhance concentration. This effect will last up to four hours.

Taking ten grams helps the user to sleep undisturbed for six hours. It also helps in relieving extreme pain and is not recommended for beginners.

Make sure you take the correct dosage as per your needs and follow the instructions given. Failure to follow the guidelines could have an adverse effect and could lead to possible abuse.

After using the variant regularly, users could develop tolerance and may be tempted to increase the dosage. Using kratom over long periods can be habit forming though not addictive. When this happens, take a short break before starting to use again.

White Sumatra has no adverse effects on the body. It has many benefits that aim at improving lives and reducing stress. People should understand the right dosage for the desired effect.

Advantages of Taking the Red Vein Kratom

Kratom is a tree mainly found in South-East Asia. The plant comes in three colors which are the red, the green and the white. The color of the strain depends on the color of the green veins. Red vein naturally has more relaxing effects than the white and the green vein kratom.


The red vein strain comes in three major categories; the red Maeng Da, red Sumatra and the red vein Borneo.

  • The red Maeng Da-this type originates from the dense forests of Thailand. It possesses active alkanoids and flavonoids. It is mainly known for its ability to take away pain and help someone to sleep better.
  • The red vein Borneo-this kratom strain is mainly found in the tropical forests of Borneo. If taken in the right amounts, this kratom strain provides a restful atmosphere.
  • Red Sumatra-the origin of this kratom strain is Indonesia. Its benefits are enjoyed even when taken in small quantities. It is the best kratom to consume when you want to feel happy, peaceful and stress-free.

The following are some of the benefits of red vein kratom;

Removes fatigue

Sometimes, the body gets exhausted because of daily challenging tasks. The fatigue might make us fail to get enough sleep. Red vein kratom is there to solve that problem. It helps to create a sleepy atmosphere that will help the person wake up refreshed in the morning.

Improves the mood

Another advantage of the red vein kratom is that it boosts a person’s mood. This is the right herb to take for any person who is having negative thoughts or one who is stressed over a particular issue. The product helps by eliminating the stress and those negative thoughts.

Pain reliever

The red vein kratom is also known to help the people suffering from chronic pain illnesses. This strain can help by reducing the pain. You could also take it if you are feeling pain in the joints and the muscles.

Acts as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant

It is normal to suffer from anxiety and depression due to some life circumstances. However, taking this herbal strain helps by offering relaxation and pleasant inner feeling that will help the victim to cope with the condition.


Different people need to take different dosages because every person has a different response to a particular herb. The dosage for this herb should match with the effect desired. When taken for medicinal purposes, a dosage of two to four grams should be consumed. For recreational purposes, three to four grams are enough. However, you need to start from a lower dosage and then add gradually.

Red vein Kratom can be available in the form of resin, powder, capsules, and tincture. It is advisable to buy the red vein kratom powder because it is more affordable. It is also easy to store and use. Despite the benefits of red vein kratom, it can cause harmful effects when taken in the wrong way. Before consumption, ensure that you buy the product from a reputable supplier, whether online or physically. Also, this kratom strain should be taken in the right quantities.

Bali Kratom: An Overview

Kratom is an herbal supplement that comes from the leaves of a tree native to Southeast Asia. People in that area have long used it to cure a variety of ailments. There are different strains of Kratom, all of which has slightly different effects and benefits.

Benefits of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom was the most common strain for a long time. Nowadays, other strains have gained in popularity but it makes Bali no less useful. Some of the strong effects of this strain that have long made it popular are:

  1. Anti-Anxiety/Relaxation
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Mood Boost
  4. Appetite Suppressant/Changes
  5. Relief from Opiate Addiction and Withdrawal
  6. Sedation

On top of its effectiveness in the previously mentioned areas, what has long made Bali popular is that it is more affordable than other strains.

What Makes Bali Kratom Different

Bali is distinguishable from other strains in a few different ways. The color of Bali leaves are dramatically darker than almost any other strain. Also, the trees that produce the Bali strain tend to grow more quickly than others. It is speculated that these two facts are related – the plant’s darker leaves absorb more C02 and sunlight than the leaves of lighter colored trees.

Different Types of Bali Kratom

There are three different varieties of Bali, all having to do with the vein color of the leaves.

  1. Red Vein: A popular strain among those who are seeking relaxation and relief from anxiety. The potency of this variety tends to stay the same throughout the growing season, which sets it apart from the other two. It is considered a potent variety. It is a decent choice for a first time user, as long as they do not have plans that would be impacted by feeling slightly sedated.
  1. Green Vein: Very similar to the Red Vein, but with less of a sedating effect. It is not considered to be as potent as the Red Vein. This makes it a great choice for someone starting out and who is looking for pain relief more than a sedating effect.
  1. White Vein: This variety of Bali can be the most difficult to come across, as it is difficult to grow correctly. It is a worthwhile vein, however, because it provides a great deal of pain relief and relaxation while allowing the user to remain clear-headed.

Dosage of Bali Kratom

Before starting to take Bali Kratom, realize that everyone’s perfect dose will vary depending on age, gender, metabolism, activity level, and other factors. Always try to take the dose on a full stomach. Start at the lowest dose and increase it until the effects are felt at a satisfactory level. The threshold dose of this strain is considered to be 1.5 grams. Anything over 4 grams would be considered high, and anything over 6 grams would be considered very high. At these high doses, side effects become much more likely.

All About Indo Kratom

There are many different types of kratom being sold, and while all have desirable effects, there is one type of kratom that many people tend to enjoy a lot more than the others. Indo kratom is a broad term used for the strain of kratom that comes from Indonesia. There are three main different types of indo kratom and they all differ slightly from one another. The main three types of indo kratom are super, premium and ultra enhanced indo, or UEI as it’s sometimes called. Each strain differs from one another slightly, and as such one should take note of the differences. But what are the differences?

Super Indo

Super refers to a means of production for indo kratom. This production difference occurs when only the largest kratom leaves are picked to make powder from, and as such more effective alkaloids are in the plant due to their larger size. Because of this, many people believe that super indo is more potent, requiring a smaller dose and a smaller weight than other kratom powders. This kratom strain is known for it’s euphoric and energizing effects, making it an easy favorite for people all over the world.

Premium Indo

The word premium in this type of indo kratom refers to production technique yet again. The leaves of this strain are carefully removed from the stems before being ground into a powder, leaving a higher alkaloid content which in turn gives the powder more potency. Because of this, the finished powder is considered to be stronger and more potent than others. Like all kratom strains which fall under the umbrella term of Indo kratom, this strain also features a highly euphoric and energizing effect.

UEI/Ultra Enhanced Indo

This strain of kratom is one that has been mixed with ultra concentrated kratom powder, creating a highly potent and strong final powder. This strain is only recommended for experienced kratom users thanks to it’s strength and powerful effects. Many people favor this strain after incorporating other Indo strains for quite a time. This strain offers the same effects as the other Indo strains, just at a stronger level.

Indo kratom is a favorite for many kratom users, as the effects are pleasurable and desired by many. This type of kratom refers to a few different varieties, usually the three which were mentioned above. Indo kratom is known for it’s highly euphoric properties as well as it’s ability to boost confidence and give each user a feeling of energized joy. Because of this, many people enjoy using this strain daily, whether as a way to relax and have fun or for the treatment of anxiety and other mood disorders. This strain is rather strong, so beginners should start slow with smaller doses.

Finding The Right Strain Of Maeng Da Kratom For You

Kratom is becoming more popular and known, as the word gets out about it’s amazing medical properties. For far too long, Big Pharma and the health bureaucracy has smothered consumers with toxic chemicals like opiate painkillers, that are killing people in droves, and making society worse off because of it.

Like other herbs and natural supplements, Kratom presents its own options. There are many strains, with many purposes available on the market today.

One of those Kratom supertrees is Maeng Da. Maeng Da has shown to be fierce in combating opiate withdrawals, and efficacious against arthritis and other forms of pain. known as the strongest and most popular blend of Kratom, Maeng Da comes in three colors and has a colorful backstory.

Since everyone is different, recommending the typical, Thai Red Vein Maeng Da strain may not be for you. Afterall, you may not an opiate addict. So what options do you have, which strain will best suit your everyday activities? Those answers and more below.

Getting To Know Maeng Da

Maeng Da has effective pain relief properties thanks to its higher Alkaloid concentration levels, primarily, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two compounds work in collusion that creates a long lasting and strong desirable effect. The natural strain of Maeng Da is from Thailand, while genetically modified blends hail from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Maeng Da has three tiers, those strains are: red, white, and green.

Red Maeng Da

If you are new to Kratom and hear the words Maeng Da uttered in a sentence, there’s a great chance those people are talking about, Red Vein Thai Maeng Da. Red vein Maeng Da is the most popular of all strains, and has shown to be the most productive vein in helping with stress and anxiety.

This vein has it all really. While depleting your anxiety levels, it can also relax you and your mind, while helping relax any muscle tension you may be experience. This is why Maeng Da is so effective with withdrawals.

Other benefits of Red Maeng Da:

Enhances better sleep and reduces insomnia.

Reliefs arthritic pain.

A painkiller alternative for complete aches and pains in the body.

Sexual stimulation.


Because of its potency, start with a smaller dose of one gram. If you’re experienced with Kratom, then a typical dosage of 3-5 grams should suffice.

White Vein Maeng Da

This option has been labeled a “great kickstarter” and many users have commented using it in the morning to get their hectic daily routines going.

While you wont get as much as of “analgesic” effect, because White Maeng Da has lower concentration levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine in it, you will feel a better boost of energy and sense of production after you first dose in the morning.

White Maeng Da Kratom is beneficial in helping with tense moments, aggravation, and restlessness. It can be utilized at night, if you need to use it as a sleep-aid.

You can start with 1.5 gram dose with White Maeng Da and increase on what works best for you.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is the lesser known and may be the more overlooked vein in this family.

This vein is commonly grown in Malaysia, and has great sleep aid properties, as it gives the user more of a calm and soothing effect.

You’ll feel a better sense of awareness, while having a lower tier of energy boost and stimulation. Green Maeng Da can be considered a slow form of Kratom compared to the quicker and more vibrant Red Vein Maeng Da.

Start yourself off with 1.5-3 gram dose, and increase appropriately every 4 to 5 hours or as needed.

The Verdict: Which Is Best?

There is no right answer to that question. As you see above, each brings its own unique qualities. If you want something calm and relaxing at night, then the Green Maeng Da would suffice those needs. If you need something to help with back pain, or arthritis, Red Vein Maeng Da has shown to be most effective, If you want something to get you through your day at work, then perhaps the White Vein will suit those needs better for you.

Like anything, when it comes to finding the right Maeng Da Kratom for you, it all comes down to the person and what relief they’re looking for.

Benefits and Side Effects of Green Malay Kratom

The green Malay kratom is found in Malaysia as the name indicate. The green Malay are obtained from leafs from kratom trees and are used as drugs for energizing and euphoria effects to make one experience pressure and happiness. Mostly, they are processed and sold as capsules. Green Malaysian is one type of kratom of strongest strains apart from maeng and red Bali kratom.

Reviews of green Malay kratom.
It is believed that the green Malay kratom has 40 active alkaloids. The mixture of green Malaysian kratom is a high concentration of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and has antioxidants that stave off illnesses. The product is obtained from large leafs of kratom tree thus ensuring that the strain is highly concentrated with alkaloids.

Uses of green Malay kratom
Unlike other trees in Malaysia, the kratom tree is a source of green Malaysian kratom products that are obtained from it leafs. This leafs provide varieties of benefits that include
Balanced energy
When the strain of kratom is used in the recommended dosage, the product will stimulate body in a very smooth way which will energize your body gradually and best effects will be active. The dosage recommends should be below 8 grams.
Pain relief
When one is suffering pain, the kratom strain is recommended as a remedy as it is believed to be a stimulating body to relieve pain.
Reduce stress
Anxiety is one thing that affects people and results to stress. When kratom strains are used, the body is able to relax hence, one is relieved from stress. When kratom is taken, it goes up to the mind and one is able to work without straining because enough energy is produced to the body.
Uplifting moods
Like many kratom products, green Malay has substantial’s that are able to uplift moods. This is because the kratom strain contains two alkaloids that are known to stimulate the body. These alkaloids products, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine are deemed to elevate body and uplift mood.
Positive side-effects of using green Malay kratom
When green Malaysian kratom is used as recommended, the following impression can be felt in one’s body;

  •  Muscle relaxation
  •  Calm in mind
  •  Strength
  •  Confidence
    As the one use the green Malaysian kratom, chronical pain, muscles, and joints are released. When the product settles in the stomach, the problem associated with stomach is ended by the strain. A continues use of kratom can help you feel more convenience in conversation. A habit of using kratom equips one with euphoric feelings and optimistic attitude. Where one is diagnosed with blood pressure, a recommendation of using kratom is encouraged so as to lower the levels of blood pressure. These Malay are also acknowledged to fight against cancers causing cells.

Negative side-effects of using green Malay kratom
A headache
The other side effect correlated to an overdose use of green Malay kratom is a headache. This effect is mostly related only to one who is consuming kratom product in high dose above 8 grams which are recommended.
Mostly, when substances are consumed, our body tends to react differently from one product to another thus, when using kratom strains in overdose, some people feel nausea. Though these don’t affect all people, many people who use green Malay above 8 grams are associated with this effect.
This effect is only related to people who take the strain for a long time. The studies show that when one takes the kratom strain for a long period of time, one starts constipating but this situation can be controlled by taking endorsed medicine from chemists.

Guide To Buy Kratom Online

Kratom provides a unique opioid-like high that is great for pain relief and elevated mood. However, if you get your Kratom from an unreputable source there can be risks. To find the best place to buy Kratom there are a few things to consider

Where is it Available?
Kratom is illegal in Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, Thailand and Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. If you do not live in one of these countries in which Kratom use and sell are prohibited then it can be relatively easy to procure. There are many online retailers who offer Kratom as well and local brick and mortar shops.

Is it Kratom?
Unfortunately, some of these retailers take advantage of the relative mystery of Kratom as a substance, substituting Kratom for other herbs or plant matter. To be sure you are actually buying Mitragyna speciosaor Kratom, you can consult independent reviews on forums, just ensure that you are getting your information from multiple sources, looking specifically for bad feedback. Experienced Kratom users will be able to help you find a supplier that actually sells Kratom.

Is it JUST Kratom?
Another thing to look out for is Kratom that is laced with other substances. Ingesting laced Kratom can lead to lasting side effects. Check with a supplier that you are being sold only unlaced and uncontaminated Kratom, and again independent reviews can be invaluable.

What form does the Kratom take?
Kratom can come in it’s dried form, however, some vendors choose to supply Kratomin liquid or pill form. Liquid or pill form is more intense and can cause serious problems for an inexperienced user. Find a Kratom supplier that sells a dried or powdered product to minimise risks of side effects.

Do they supply multiple varieties?
Multiple Kratom varieties aren’t essential when looking for the best place to buy Kratom, but it can be an indication that the company knows their stuff and allows you to choose a more moderate Kratom to get you started. Java Indo is a slow variety that many recommend for starting off, however, some prefer more moderate strains such as Red Vein Indo as it doesn’t induce the lethargy of the slower Java variety.

How much will it cost you?
Quality Kratom powder costs between $10 and $40 per ounce depending on the strain. The lower end of the market doesn’t tend to provide the best effects and can often is not quite what it purports to be. Don’t just go for the cheapest option available. Shop around and read product descriptions thoroughly, and ensure you know what you are getting. If the product description is vague, ask for more information.

Check your vendor’s knowledge
How much information is available? Do they appear to know what they are selling or is the information they provide just a sales pitch? Arm yourself with knowledge and don’t be afraid to ask questions.