Everything you need to know about the new ink-free wireless photo printing technology

We all remember the old days where you had to wait for weeks to find out whether the pictures you took at your cousin’s weddings turned out stable or blurry and everyone had to buy big albums to stick the massive stacks of pictures into. While it was a bit of a hassle and not exactly very easy on the wallet, it seems that some people still prefer the old method because despite the space, time and money saving invention of digital storage of pictures, a lot of people would still rather have the good old hard copy version of their memories as opposed to a digital version.

A technology of printing was already available for this purposes, but with the massive printers, their maintenance and the cost of all the ink cartridges and what not was still a bit of a hassle and to solve that very hassle the new technology of ink-free printing came around and for a further convenience it was provided with a wireless option. Let us take a look into it.

What are ink-free photo printers?

Ink-free photo printers https://latestcomputergadgets.com/best-photo-printers/ are a brand new piece of technology that is built solely for convenience and portability. As opposed to proper printers these are small in size and can fit into your pockets, and the slightly bigger ones can easily make their home in a bag or a purse. These printers connect directly to a digital camera or a phone, through a USB cable or the use of Bluetooth technology and allow you to print photos on the go without the need for any ink. All they need is a battery that is timely charged and some paper.

How do wireless photo printers work?

Surely the question that pops into everyone’s mind is how do you print without ink? That has been a key ingredient to printing since forever? The secret to that lies in the paper. While the paper that is used in these printers may seem blank and white to the naked eye, there are dye crystals within these papers that are imperceptible by the naked eye and these crystals can turn into a variety of different colors when “activated.”

So, how do the crystals activate? Through heat. Heat causes a complex chemical reaction in the crystals which prompts them to turn from blank crystals into very colorful dye and this, in turn, is used to create a hard copy of all your memories which can be instantly delivered to you through a very simple to perform the process.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is evident that this technology is a revolutionary one, and due to its simplicity and portability, it is bound to become a commonly owned piece of tech. While currently there are still a few technical kinks in the invention that are currently being examined, it is expected to be perfected soon and make a big impact on the market.